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Date:2008-10-11 13:46
Subject:la la la
Mood: bored

Im bored, and i really do not want to go to work today...

Loving my new Icon, Rob is just so... yeah. haha

anyway this is just really a pointless post, just bored and wanted to do something.

Yay for being half way done with this semester... all this Twilight stuff has made up for the crazy and crappy week i was having.

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Date:2008-08-01 00:43

Eh, havent posted in 3 years... just thought i would post saying that.

Anyway less then 24 hours till BREAKING DAWN!!!

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Date:2005-02-19 21:35

Constantine! I saw it today and i must say it is a pretty good movie! I really liked it so i decided to make a layout of it! :) hehe

Last night my friend Jon dyed my hair, decided to go alittle different and dyed it a light mahogany brown... i must say it is different. I think i like it lol.

wooo no school next week...im so happy! i need this week off.

well yeah there goes my interesting life lol!

oh yeah.. i oddly find this amusing... http://www.savemartha.com/fat_kid_singing_video.html

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Date:2005-02-14 16:42
Mood: crappy

yes my lovely, short updates.. lol

well nothing to much going on.. just seeing alot of movies and school, just trying to get through the day. Saw "Hitched" this past friday.. awesome movie! it was just really good, i cant wait till it comes on dvd!

crappy day out... cant wait till next week no school and then the week after that my birthday woo!

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Date:2005-01-31 13:09
Mood: cold


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Date:2005-01-28 22:16


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Date:2005-01-22 22:39

damn this snow and coldnesss... burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Date:2004-11-24 21:07
Subject:an update...
Mood: content

its been almost 2 weeks.. bad me i know! lol My life isnt interesting really.. so i dont have much to post about everyday unfortunately.

Today was boring like most days of school.. very pointless. Was talking to this girl in my study hall and we got to talking about Milkshakes.. and for the rest of the day i wanted one so right after i got out of school i went to Schallers and got a nice Vanilla Milkshake. lol yeah isnt that interesting. Then alittle after i got home i was bored to death.. and then Raquel asked me over to play Monopoly with her, Amanda and her mom(funny thing is me and amanda where talking about playing monopoly when we where in economics lol) and unfortunately i lost, it was close though!

mon and tuesday did nothing but homework and be bored... Handed in this ad i had to make for english she said she really liked it and never seen one look as professional as mine wooo i finally did something good. go me.

wooo tomorrow is thanksgiving... mmm food! My mom is finally making thanksgiving dinner wooo this is like the first time in a longgggg time! its just gonna be me, my mom, her bf, and maybe my sister and nephew. I hope they come cause i really want to see my nephew :) he is too cute.

and since everyone else is doing this... lol if u want an x-mas card from me please e-mail me at sh880c@msn.com :) hehe!

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Date:2004-11-12 16:59
Subject:nothing too much...
Mood: sleepy

Yeah nothing too much happend this week... was a very boring one indeed. Tuesday was my nephews birthday :) he is now 1 years old.. he is getting so big! Sunday we are going to chucky cheese to celebrate.. wooo!

Had off thursday... just decided to be lazy that day cause had school the next day which was pointless really. Just went to Toys R Us with my mom and her boyfriend to look birthday prensent for Anthony for my mom. She bought him some cute clothes. When we where leaving i sat on one of the things u went on when u where little that move lmao my moms boyfriend put a quarter in and yeah lol

Today boring... only thing interesting was Economics and advisement because amanda was there... lol! Had some fun playing some hangman wooo fun! lol Study hall was somewhat boring but i starting talking to this girl.. time flew by luckly 83 mins is way to long for me to find something to do when i have no homework. In English i was looking through magazines for a project that we are going to be doing and i was in People mag from August and there where CFTC pics in there and i noticed i was in the background of one of the pics so i ripped that page out lol! In gym i was getting ready to leave and i was closing my locker and i missed and rammed my palm into a hook(the thing that keeps the locker close when u shut it) and ouch major pain... some of my palm is brused. It killed so much.

well my life is boring so not much to post about... maybe i will have stuff to post about this weekend.

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Date:2004-11-08 13:33
Mood: crappy

Friday went to Wal-mart to visit my buddy jon... and i waited till he went on break so i walked around and bought myself a Orlando Calendar.. it was only 5 bucks so i jumped on the chance to get it lol Also bought my Nephew which turns a year old tomorrow some big lego blocks :) and then bought myself and for my mom and her bf this texas hold em set with cards and chips woooo.

hmmm sat my nephew came over and we had some fun playing with him... We got him to start really walking he walked around in a circle before he fell on his butt.. it was soo cute he was so proud of himself. Then we went and dropped him off. When we got home i wanted to play some Texas hold em so i asks jims bf over and we all played it for about 4 hours lol

sunday didnt do to much.. boring day. Only good thing that happend was seeing Alfie... which i must say is an very good movie! Jude law is so cute in the movie.. i was melting the whole time. Another plus was wooo free popcorn!

today sucked... yes i hate mondays with a passion. Just wanted to pass out in school the whole day, could barely keep my eyes open. School is just blahhhh sucks. woo now watching some buffy :)

anyone wanna visit my deadly board... http://www.nsyncline.com/board

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Date:2004-11-05 16:40
Mood: content

Today was an ok day... not one of my best or worst, just glad that it is friday! It is really windy outside today, it was interesting driving home from dropping off my friend Amanda after school. Then about 3ish my mom, her bf, and me went to the beach to take some pics of the wave... he likes to take pics of everything lmao, i brought mine but of course it wasnt charged enough so i didnt get any pics.. grrrr. Well after we went on the peir for a few we where freezing so we went to check out the terminal (the terminal is for the fast ferry that went from here to Toronto across the lake.. but yeah they kinda bombed because of money) and we found out that there is a cheeburger cheeburger there and acouple of other places. My mom's bf bought me a a french vanilla cappuccino woooo that was nice after freezing my butt of outside lol. yeah so thats really all ive done so far and im tired.. blah its a friday too.

well last night i got to see the Star Wars III trailer!! Eeee im soo excited for it, ani/hayden looks so hott evil(as u can tell its evil ani in my icon hehe) Its soo far away... May 19th blahness! Im hoping that i get to see Alfi or The Incredibles this week and woo i get a free popcorn woo... lol! i love the movie card lol!

ooo i made some icons from acouple off different movies.. anyone can use them if they like! :) They arent the best but i was bored.

The Grudge



Star Wars III

mite add more later...

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Date:2004-11-04 16:26
Mood: blank

Yeah i suck... i really need to update more, i have alot to say but im just to lazy to post it and when i do.. im to lazy to say all i want. lol yeah.

Saw 'SAW' on Halloween night with my mom and my best friend jon and his uncle... it was really twisted. Good but the ending is twisted lol! Also saw "The Grudge" the weekend it came out it was also good... reminded me alot of The Ring creepy type of movie. i'am a movie nut... so yeah i joined this movie club for regel movie theater and next time i go i get a free popcorn wooo! lol

School well... sucks alot. I dropped this Intro to java class because it wasnt what i wanted so now i have a study hall which is good cause i get a break now.

This morning was fun... lol it was in the 20's, which means winter is just around the corner ah fun stuff..lol

ah i love this movie im watching now... Speed this is a classic! Its on the FX channel.. i love this channel!

ta ta for now...

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Date:2004-10-11 09:30

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Date:2004-10-06 19:41
Subject:this is an actual update..
Mood: crazy

Well sorry for not updating in over a month... yes its not like it isnt like me not to update... 0:)

Well lets start off that School sucks... yes. it does. Well one upside is that everyother day i get out at 12:55 woooo. This week is spirit week ive actually been participation in it :) who should complain about wearing the pj's to school lol. Well tomorrow is going to be complicated.. Togas... yeah. Im not exactly sure how to do it but im going to try to make one as best i can and hopefully i wont look like stupid...
my schedule is days a/c: Gen Chem, Math IIIa, and AP Stats.
days b/c: Economics, Media Lit, Java, and gym. (very sucky)

Well the doctors finally found a pill that is starting to work... im very happy about that. besides the fact that i was off it for 2 days cause the pharmacy sucks...grrr.

who love Nip/Tuck?? i freakin love that show... last nights season finale kicked ass! I cant wait till next season... ugh so far away. I heart Julian! All i got to say is stupid craver!

well im off to do my lovely homework and then watch some Smallville ee tom! :) lol

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Date:2004-10-06 12:46
Mood: content

im not dead....

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Date:2004-09-02 12:53
Subject:New Layout....

wooo hotness new layout! lol Yum! Gotta love Paul Walker, Orlando Bloom, Julian McMahon, Justin Timberlake, Chad Michael Murray, and James Marsters... even though there are alot more... lol!

Well i woke up at 9am blah... lol havent woken up that early in awhile.. and went to my New Doctors cause im still not all better from Florida ugh. I gave some blood so hopefully they find something so i know what i have and can get rid of it.

I need to go school clothes and supply shopping like any day... im just lazy and dont want to do it lol! i also need to get my senior pictures done. blah pictures.

1 more week till school... oh joy. Luckily its my last wooo!

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Date:2004-07-28 15:59

im home.. i got home at 12 last night very long story was basically on a plane the whole day blah! this past weekend was soo much fun even though i was sick the whole time(and still iam). woo i miss nsync already! :( they need to come back! lol

friday was crazy went to the host hotel and watched the press confrence and took some pics lol my mom got to meet both justin and jc.. lol she caught up with me in ike 10 mins which took me years to do lmao! then later that night me and my friend and ros from nsync-cftc.com went to the masion club. Ros got press passes so she let me use one and got to take some good pics! it was sooo hott and close lol!

sat was a long and hott day too lol me and ros checked in for the media passes around 12 and decided it was too early to stand in the hot sun so we went to he hotel room to get a few things and when we where heading down we where waiting for the elevator and when one open there where quite a few people in there but we decided to squeeze in there. lol so we go down a few floors and the people behind me had to get off so i get off and turn around to see Chris and two ctfc people.. lol i felt stupid that i didnt know chris was in there.. lol i was in shock after he got off lmao! well then we go to skills and boy was is HOT lol it was fun though got some good picture too.

sunday was awesome... joey was so funny! Nsync sounded amazing singing the National Anthem! it was such a great moment! i loved how close the game was and how it went into over time.. hehe more nsync! lol im just sad that it is all over and im back in this crappy city lol!

ill add pictures later today or sometime this week.

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Date:2004-07-03 17:48
Mood: blah

yeah i havent posted in awhile sorry! im hoping i will post more but i say that alot and nothing really ends up happening..

well today i got my wisdom teeth out, all 4, and ow... it is killing me. Well its better then wat it was earlier, because earlier i dont think i got all the pain meds. But the second time i know i took them all because less pain which is a good thing.. very good thing. lol

wooo movies are like my second home... expecially Dollar movies! haha cheap but good. saw kill bill volume 2 yesterday.. it was ok, but in my opinion the 1st one was way better! lol

Saw Spiderman 2 midnight on the 29 sat next to some kool people that where from nyc... must i say that movies was amazing even better then the first! :) i recommend.

well i guess thats all my update right now :) woo maybe more later or something...

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Date:2004-06-05 14:55
Subject:Jc was amazing!!
Mood: crazy

last night was amazing!!! He did soo great! :) he sounded awesome! He was loving the crowd and we where loving him! he was always laughing and smiling!

For our meet and greet thing it said we had to be there 2 hours before the show so we ended up getting there around 4:30ish. So we stand in line and hung out with some awesome nsync fans which made the time go by fast. at 5 we where wondering what was going on with the M&G so we ask this guy and he asks someone and then came back and said that the manager wasnt notified about it.. soo we where like.. ok whats going on. Then the guy said 8 o'clock so at 7 we get in and stand right in front of the baracad and at 8 we where like ah cause we had to go and lose are spots to meet Carlos (jc's tour manager) in the front. but one of my friend that didnt have M&G stayed there. So we leave and meet carlos in the front of the club. So when about all the people where there we go out the front door and around the club to the back where his bus was. They told us to line up against the bus so me and my other friend lined up and where about 3rd. So he comes off the bus and he signed an auto and took pictures. When we got to him i handed him a photo i took of him at the Summer jam and he signed it then signed my friend and this guys takes our photo.

i didnt get to say anything to him i said hi but we where all rushed because the opening act was coming on. but he was so sweet and smelled great! me and jc where rocking the capris and flip flops lol!

so we go back in the back door and stand in this blocked off section for the M&G people that carlos had set up. The show was amazing there are no words he was everywhere. It was so intimate! when he came over to our section he was looking at everyone and making eye contact it was the best. He was loving our show! i got some good pictures! you can go here http://www.somedreams.net/stuff/60404/

and i think i saw you Jane! I think you where standing right next to my friend! lol

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Date:2004-06-01 18:58
Subject:yay it works...
Mood: crazy

Finally im able to view livejournal for more then a min. before it gives me an error... *hits computer* Alot has happend.. this past weekend i went camping south of boston! Lots of fun went to providencetown and cape cod! :) woo awesome weekend!

Only 8 more days of classes left then finals! YES!!! ah im soooo happy it is almost over this year was such a killer.. i dont think i whould beable to take more then 8 more class days left. One more year to go now!

Just found out yesterday that JC is gonna be in my City doing a Radio show! and i love my best friend(jon) because he won tickets! YES he rocks! Now im gonna see JC 2 times in one week! Tomorrow the 2nd and friday the 4th!! wooooo!! im on such a jc high! im so hyped.. i hope to get good pics at either tomorrows or fridays! i shall post! =D

today just couldnt get any better i almost had a heart attack when i found out but... Eeeeee im going to Meet & Greet at the friday show! ah i couldnt believe that me and jon where picked with others! *dies*

i shall die even more happy now...

i guess that is all for now... i will comment now.. ive been out of the LJ loop for awhile :)

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