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yay it works...

Finally im able to view livejournal for more then a min. before it gives me an error... *hits computer* Alot has happend.. this past weekend i went camping south of boston! Lots of fun went to providencetown and cape cod! :) woo awesome weekend!

Only 8 more days of classes left then finals! YES!!! ah im soooo happy it is almost over this year was such a killer.. i dont think i whould beable to take more then 8 more class days left. One more year to go now!

Just found out yesterday that JC is gonna be in my City doing a Radio show! and i love my best friend(jon) because he won tickets! YES he rocks! Now im gonna see JC 2 times in one week! Tomorrow the 2nd and friday the 4th!! wooooo!! im on such a jc high! im so hyped.. i hope to get good pics at either tomorrows or fridays! i shall post! =D

today just couldnt get any better i almost had a heart attack when i found out but... Eeeeee im going to Meet & Greet at the friday show! ah i couldnt believe that me and jon where picked with others! *dies*

i shall die even more happy now...

i guess that is all for now... i will comment now.. ive been out of the LJ loop for awhile :)
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