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Jc was amazing!!

last night was amazing!!! He did soo great! :) he sounded awesome! He was loving the crowd and we where loving him! he was always laughing and smiling!

For our meet and greet thing it said we had to be there 2 hours before the show so we ended up getting there around 4:30ish. So we stand in line and hung out with some awesome nsync fans which made the time go by fast. at 5 we where wondering what was going on with the M&G so we ask this guy and he asks someone and then came back and said that the manager wasnt notified about it.. soo we where like.. ok whats going on. Then the guy said 8 o'clock so at 7 we get in and stand right in front of the baracad and at 8 we where like ah cause we had to go and lose are spots to meet Carlos (jc's tour manager) in the front. but one of my friend that didnt have M&G stayed there. So we leave and meet carlos in the front of the club. So when about all the people where there we go out the front door and around the club to the back where his bus was. They told us to line up against the bus so me and my other friend lined up and where about 3rd. So he comes off the bus and he signed an auto and took pictures. When we got to him i handed him a photo i took of him at the Summer jam and he signed it then signed my friend and this guys takes our photo.

i didnt get to say anything to him i said hi but we where all rushed because the opening act was coming on. but he was so sweet and smelled great! me and jc where rocking the capris and flip flops lol!

so we go back in the back door and stand in this blocked off section for the M&G people that carlos had set up. The show was amazing there are no words he was everywhere. It was so intimate! when he came over to our section he was looking at everyone and making eye contact it was the best. He was loving our show! i got some good pictures! you can go here

and i think i saw you Jane! I think you where standing right next to my friend! lol
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