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yeah i havent posted in awhile sorry! im hoping i will post more but i say that alot and nothing really ends up happening..

well today i got my wisdom teeth out, all 4, and ow... it is killing me. Well its better then wat it was earlier, because earlier i dont think i got all the pain meds. But the second time i know i took them all because less pain which is a good thing.. very good thing. lol

wooo movies are like my second home... expecially Dollar movies! haha cheap but good. saw kill bill volume 2 yesterday.. it was ok, but in my opinion the 1st one was way better! lol

Saw Spiderman 2 midnight on the 29 sat next to some kool people that where from nyc... must i say that movies was amazing even better then the first! :) i recommend.

well i guess thats all my update right now :) woo maybe more later or something...
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