Shaunna Halligan (nsyncsjuju) wrote,
Shaunna Halligan

New Layout....

wooo hotness new layout! lol Yum! Gotta love Paul Walker, Orlando Bloom, Julian McMahon, Justin Timberlake, Chad Michael Murray, and James Marsters... even though there are alot more... lol!

Well i woke up at 9am blah... lol havent woken up that early in awhile.. and went to my New Doctors cause im still not all better from Florida ugh. I gave some blood so hopefully they find something so i know what i have and can get rid of it.

I need to go school clothes and supply shopping like any day... im just lazy and dont want to do it lol! i also need to get my senior pictures done. blah pictures.

1 more week till school... oh joy. Luckily its my last wooo!
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