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this is an actual update..

Well sorry for not updating in over a month... yes its not like it isnt like me not to update... 0:)

Well lets start off that School sucks... yes. it does. Well one upside is that everyother day i get out at 12:55 woooo. This week is spirit week ive actually been participation in it :) who should complain about wearing the pj's to school lol. Well tomorrow is going to be complicated.. Togas... yeah. Im not exactly sure how to do it but im going to try to make one as best i can and hopefully i wont look like stupid...
my schedule is days a/c: Gen Chem, Math IIIa, and AP Stats.
days b/c: Economics, Media Lit, Java, and gym. (very sucky)

Well the doctors finally found a pill that is starting to work... im very happy about that. besides the fact that i was off it for 2 days cause the pharmacy sucks...grrr.

who love Nip/Tuck?? i freakin love that show... last nights season finale kicked ass! I cant wait till next season... ugh so far away. I heart Julian! All i got to say is stupid craver!

well im off to do my lovely homework and then watch some Smallville ee tom! :) lol
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