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Yeah i suck... i really need to update more, i have alot to say but im just to lazy to post it and when i do.. im to lazy to say all i want. lol yeah.

Saw 'SAW' on Halloween night with my mom and my best friend jon and his uncle... it was really twisted. Good but the ending is twisted lol! Also saw "The Grudge" the weekend it came out it was also good... reminded me alot of The Ring creepy type of movie. i'am a movie nut... so yeah i joined this movie club for regel movie theater and next time i go i get a free popcorn wooo! lol

School well... sucks alot. I dropped this Intro to java class because it wasnt what i wanted so now i have a study hall which is good cause i get a break now.

This morning was fun... lol it was in the 20's, which means winter is just around the corner ah fun

ah i love this movie im watching now... Speed this is a classic! Its on the FX channel.. i love this channel!

ta ta for now...
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