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Friday went to Wal-mart to visit my buddy jon... and i waited till he went on break so i walked around and bought myself a Orlando Calendar.. it was only 5 bucks so i jumped on the chance to get it lol Also bought my Nephew which turns a year old tomorrow some big lego blocks :) and then bought myself and for my mom and her bf this texas hold em set with cards and chips woooo.

hmmm sat my nephew came over and we had some fun playing with him... We got him to start really walking he walked around in a circle before he fell on his butt.. it was soo cute he was so proud of himself. Then we went and dropped him off. When we got home i wanted to play some Texas hold em so i asks jims bf over and we all played it for about 4 hours lol

sunday didnt do to much.. boring day. Only good thing that happend was seeing Alfie... which i must say is an very good movie! Jude law is so cute in the movie.. i was melting the whole time. Another plus was wooo free popcorn!

today sucked... yes i hate mondays with a passion. Just wanted to pass out in school the whole day, could barely keep my eyes open. School is just blahhhh sucks. woo now watching some buffy :)

anyone wanna visit my deadly board...
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