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nothing too much...

Yeah nothing too much happend this week... was a very boring one indeed. Tuesday was my nephews birthday :) he is now 1 years old.. he is getting so big! Sunday we are going to chucky cheese to celebrate.. wooo!

Had off thursday... just decided to be lazy that day cause had school the next day which was pointless really. Just went to Toys R Us with my mom and her boyfriend to look birthday prensent for Anthony for my mom. She bought him some cute clothes. When we where leaving i sat on one of the things u went on when u where little that move lmao my moms boyfriend put a quarter in and yeah lol

Today boring... only thing interesting was Economics and advisement because amanda was there... lol! Had some fun playing some hangman wooo fun! lol Study hall was somewhat boring but i starting talking to this girl.. time flew by luckly 83 mins is way to long for me to find something to do when i have no homework. In English i was looking through magazines for a project that we are going to be doing and i was in People mag from August and there where CFTC pics in there and i noticed i was in the background of one of the pics so i ripped that page out lol! In gym i was getting ready to leave and i was closing my locker and i missed and rammed my palm into a hook(the thing that keeps the locker close when u shut it) and ouch major pain... some of my palm is brused. It killed so much.

well my life is boring so not much to post about... maybe i will have stuff to post about this weekend.
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