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an update...

its been almost 2 weeks.. bad me i know! lol My life isnt interesting really.. so i dont have much to post about everyday unfortunately.

Today was boring like most days of school.. very pointless. Was talking to this girl in my study hall and we got to talking about Milkshakes.. and for the rest of the day i wanted one so right after i got out of school i went to Schallers and got a nice Vanilla Milkshake. lol yeah isnt that interesting. Then alittle after i got home i was bored to death.. and then Raquel asked me over to play Monopoly with her, Amanda and her mom(funny thing is me and amanda where talking about playing monopoly when we where in economics lol) and unfortunately i lost, it was close though!

mon and tuesday did nothing but homework and be bored... Handed in this ad i had to make for english she said she really liked it and never seen one look as professional as mine wooo i finally did something good. go me.

wooo tomorrow is thanksgiving... mmm food! My mom is finally making thanksgiving dinner wooo this is like the first time in a longgggg time! its just gonna be me, my mom, her bf, and maybe my sister and nephew. I hope they come cause i really want to see my nephew :) he is too cute.

and since everyone else is doing this... lol if u want an x-mas card from me please e-mail me at :) hehe!
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