Shaunna Halligan (nsyncsjuju) wrote,
Shaunna Halligan


im home.. i got home at 12 last night very long story was basically on a plane the whole day blah! this past weekend was soo much fun even though i was sick the whole time(and still iam). woo i miss nsync already! :( they need to come back! lol

friday was crazy went to the host hotel and watched the press confrence and took some pics lol my mom got to meet both justin and jc.. lol she caught up with me in ike 10 mins which took me years to do lmao! then later that night me and my friend and ros from went to the masion club. Ros got press passes so she let me use one and got to take some good pics! it was sooo hott and close lol!

sat was a long and hott day too lol me and ros checked in for the media passes around 12 and decided it was too early to stand in the hot sun so we went to he hotel room to get a few things and when we where heading down we where waiting for the elevator and when one open there where quite a few people in there but we decided to squeeze in there. lol so we go down a few floors and the people behind me had to get off so i get off and turn around to see Chris and two ctfc people.. lol i felt stupid that i didnt know chris was in there.. lol i was in shock after he got off lmao! well then we go to skills and boy was is HOT lol it was fun though got some good picture too.

sunday was awesome... joey was so funny! Nsync sounded amazing singing the National Anthem! it was such a great moment! i loved how close the game was and how it went into over time.. hehe more nsync! lol im just sad that it is all over and im back in this crappy city lol!

ill add pictures later today or sometime this week.
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Next year maybe I could save up enough money and we will go together.


or maybe not?
sounds like you had fun =) i can't wait to see pics!<3