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Today was an ok day... not one of my best or worst, just glad that it is friday! It is really windy outside today, it was interesting driving home from dropping off my friend Amanda after school. Then about 3ish my mom, her bf, and me went to the beach to take some pics of the wave... he likes to take pics of everything lmao, i brought mine but of course it wasnt charged enough so i didnt get any pics.. grrrr. Well after we went on the peir for a few we where freezing so we went to check out the terminal (the terminal is for the fast ferry that went from here to Toronto across the lake.. but yeah they kinda bombed because of money) and we found out that there is a cheeburger cheeburger there and acouple of other places. My mom's bf bought me a a french vanilla cappuccino woooo that was nice after freezing my butt of outside lol. yeah so thats really all ive done so far and im tired.. blah its a friday too.

well last night i got to see the Star Wars III trailer!! Eeee im soo excited for it, ani/hayden looks so hott evil(as u can tell its evil ani in my icon hehe) Its soo far away... May 19th blahness! Im hoping that i get to see Alfi or The Incredibles this week and woo i get a free popcorn woo... lol! i love the movie card lol!

ooo i made some icons from acouple off different movies.. anyone can use them if they like! :) They arent the best but i was bored.

The Grudge



Star Wars III

mite add more later...
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